Model Server for Deep Learning and AI

Deeplearning4j serves machine-learning models for inference in production using the free developer edition of SKIL, the Skymind Intelligence Layer.

A model server serves the parametric machine-learning models that makes decisions about data. It is used for the inference stage of a machine-learning workflow, after data pipelines and model training. A model server is the tool that allows data science research to be deployed in a real-world production environment.

What a Web server is to the Internet, a model server is to AI. Where a Web server receives an HTTP request and returns data about a Web site, a model server receives data, and returns a decision or prediction about that data: e.g. sent an image, a model server might return a label for that image, identifying faces or animals in photographs.

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The SKIL model server is able to import models from Python frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, Theano and CNTK, overcoming a major barrier in deploying deep learning models to production environments.

Production-grade model servers have a few important features. They should be:

  • Secure. They may process sensitive data.
  • Scalable. That data traffic may surge, and predictions should be made with low latency.
  • Stable and debuggable. SKIL is based on the enterprise-hardened JVM.
  • Certified. Deeplearning4j works with CDH and HDP.
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