Deep Learning on Hadoop

Eclipse Deeplearning4j is the deep-learning framework with the tightest and most reliable Hadoop integration. Deeplearning4j has been certified on CDH and HDP. It runs as a Hadoop job. You can add deep learning to your Hadoop cluster for free, because Deeplearning4j can be downloaded and run on your Hadoop cluster without needing the approval of a central IT department.

Scooping data out of HDFS, Deeplearning4j can use Apache Spark for fast ETL, loading batches of data onto GPU RAM, even as the GPU processes the previous data batch.

Deeplearning4j is packaged in an enterprise distribution called the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL). Think CDH but for machine learning. SKIL is an embeddable machine-learning server and process launcher for machine-learning tasks, like model training. SKIL allows for a flexible topology; developers can congifure the cluster they need. With regard to Hadoop, SKIL can be installed on a gateway node in order to coordinate machine learning jobs on other Hadoop nodes.

TensorFlow on Hadoop

SKIL bundles Tensorflow and other Python machine-learning tools like scikit-learn into an enterprise distribution backed with commercial support. SKIL cover the ETL, training and inference stages of the machine-learning workflow, and it integrates with Hadoop.

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