Deep Learning’s Accuracy

Deep learning has knocked down one record after another on benchmark dataset after benchmark dataset since 2006. In many competitions, the only algorithm deep learning is up against is itself. Below are a few reports and resources indicating the power and persistent advance of deep neural nets:

Here’s a list of the competitions that Juergen Schmidhuber and his team have won with their deep recurrent nets:

  • IJCNN 2011 Traffic Sign Recognition Competition
  • ICPR 2012 Contest on “Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histological Images.” This is important for breast cancer prognosis. Humans tend to find it very difficult to distinguish mitosis from other tissue.
  • ISBI 2012 challenge on segmentation of neuronal structures. Given electron microscopy images of stacks of thin slices of animal brains, the goal is to build a detailed 3D model of the brain’s neurons and dendrites.
  • ICDAR 2011 Offline Chinese Handwriting Competition. His team won the competition although none of its members speaks a word of Chinese.
  • Online German Traffic Sign Recognition Contest (2011, first and second rank).
  • ICDAR 2009 Arabic Connected Handwriting Competition
  • ICDAR 2009 Handwritten Farsi/Arabic Character Recognition Competition (idem).
  • ICDAR 2009 French Connected Handwriting Competition.

We could go on, but we’d start to sound like a broken record. :)

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