About Eclipse Deeplearning4j

Eclipse Deeplearning4j is an open-source, distributed deep-learning project in Java and Scala spearheaded by the people at Skymind, a San Francisco-based business intelligence and enterprise software firm. We’re a team of data scientists, deep-learning specialists, Java systems engineers and semi-sentient robots.

There are a lot of knobs to turn when you’re training a distributed deep-learning network. We’ve done our best to explain them, so that Deeplearning4j can serve as a DIY tool for Java, Scala and Clojure programmers working on Hadoop and other file systems. If you require support or customization beyond these tutorials, please contact us at Skymind.

Our open-core product, the Skymind Intelligence Layer, bundles the Deeplearning4j suite of libraries alongside a Conda environment with Tensorflow, Keras, scikit-learn and other popular machine learning tools. SKIL makes it easy to perform distributed training, testing against production environments, and deployment of trained models to production, automating redundant, everyday workflow tasks faced by data scientists.



ND4J is a scientific computing engine for the JVM powering our matrix manipulations, using C++ for large-scale operations. (See its Github repo here.) ND4S is its Scala wrapper.


Deeplearning4j has been featured in Wired, GigaOM, Businessweek, Venturebeat, The Wall Street Journal, Fusion and Java Magazine. DL4J workshops are offered through GalvanizeU in San Francisco.


Without the engagement of Skymind customers and community, and the generous backing of Skymind’s investors – Tencent’s investment team, led by David Wallerstein; Liquid 2 Ventures; Mandra Capital; SV Angel; Ullas Naik; Hemi Ventures; Wei Guo; Ray Lanes’s GreatPoint Ventures and others – Deeplearning4j would not exist in its present form.

DL4J Co-founders

Name Gitter Id Org Time Zone
Adam Gibson agibsonccc Skymind GMT +9
Chris Nicholson chrisvnicholson Skymind GMT -8
Josh Patterson jpatanooga Skymind GMT -5

Major Contributors to DL4J Suite

Name Gitter Id Org Time Zone
Alex Black AlexDBlack Skymind GMT +10
NA raver119 NA GMT +2
Samuel Audet saudet Skymind GMT +9
Susan Eraly eraly Skymind GMT -8
Dave Kale turambar Skymind GMT -8
Paul Dubs treo NA GMT +2
Dae Hyun Kim kepricon Skymind GMT +9
Eduardo Gonzales wmeddie Skymind GMT +9
Justin Long crockpotveggies Skymind GMT -8
Max Pumperla maxpumperla Skymind GMT +2
Michael Katzenellenbogen emsixteen Skymind GMT -5
Suneel Marthi smarthi Red Hat GMT -5
Melanie Warrick nyghtowl Google GMT -8

Jobs @Skymind

We hire from our open-source contributors. The best way to apply for a job building the future of deep learning with us is to join our community on Gitter, fork us on Github, find a problem to work on with us, and we’ll can see if there’s a fit! Working together is more informative than interviews, and with a little luck it’s also more fun. :)

Cite Eclipse Deeplearning4j

If you plan to publish an academic paper and wish to cite Deeplearning4j, please use this format:

Eclipse Deeplearning4j Development Team. Deeplearning4j: Open-source distributed deep learning for the JVM, Apache Software Foundation License 2.0. http://deeplearning4j.org


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The Skymind and DL4J team’s mascot is a mathematical object, the oloid, which is composed of two linked congruent circles in perpendicular planes. To us, it stands for non-dualism and interdependence.

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